Our mission at Woolf is to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure it is globally recognized and transferable.

What is a collegiate university?

Woolf is a global collegiate higher education institution.

Collegiate universities are not new: the University of Oxford, University of California, University of London, and Delhi University are all collegiate universities. We are the first global, collegiate higher education institution, and qualifying education organizations may apply to join the institution.

Woolf’s colleges are geographically and linguistically diverse, but all colleges are equally subject to the Quality Assurance Policy and to the same standards academic excellence and cyclical review. All Faculty members from all colleges have the ability to vote in the Faculty Council. Woolf's software platform helps our colleges meet, monitor, and maintain our high standards of excellence by handling everything from new course proposal to degree issuance. It creates a comprehensive record of compliance for all aspects of quality assurance.

Woolf is an accredited higher education institution. Woolf's teachers are drawn from the world's leading universities and companies

All degrees, across all member colleges, meet the same standards of scholarly excellence, and all courses must undergo an academic peer-review and a quality assurance process based on Woolf's Quality Assurance Policy. Legally, Woolf is incorporated and licensed under multiple accreditation regimes. Every degree is subject to the accreditation regulation which is specified on the degree profile. For example, Degrees listing the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are accredited within the European Qualifications Framework. The ECTS accreditation system is the largest and most sophisticated accreditation system in the world, and the credits are globally recognized and transferable.

Institutional guidance and planning

Learn more about Woolf's research plans for the 2023-2026 period. We are guided by the Woolf Academic Advisory Council (WAAC), which exists to provide independent guidance to Woolf.