Woolf Mission Statement

Woolf exists to promote academic excellence, broaden access to higher education, and guard values that are humane, democratic, and international. Above all, Woolf values freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression.


Talent may be evenly distributed but opportunity is not – we are working to widen the horizon of opportunity by connecting students and teachers across the world.


Woolf prioritizes an education that will serve its students both in the near-term and in the long-term. Woolf seeks to provide a personalized, bespoke education. In all fields, Woolf seeks to instill values of curiosity, intellectual discipline, and clarity of expression.


Woolf prioritizes research-driven teaching that uses the latest academic scholarship, and Woolf encourages its faculty members to engage in groundbreaking research.

Democratic polity

Woolf places confidence in its active faculty members, all of whom are encouraged to contribute to the direction of Woolf through the Faculty Council. We defend and encourage civility of discourse. Limits on the freedoms of members, including the freedom of expression, are accountable to the wider faculty body through democratic and deliberative processes that are open to public scrutiny.

Collegiate organization

Woolf’s collegiate organization strengthens the institution through diversity, competition, and loyalty. Colleges bear responsibility for the support of their members, including both faculty and students.


Woolf encourages partnerships with governments, educational institutions, research centers, schools, and businesses of all kinds – provided these partnerships do not infringe on the values of Woolf.


To the extent that existing or new technologies can improve the educational outcomes for students, widen access to the Woolf global community, improve the career experience of academics, better secure credible governance, lower the costs of institutional management, and generally support the mission of Woolf – these are embraced.

In all things, Woolf values excellence and measures itself against the highest international standards. Woolf seeks to raise those standards further.