Woolf Launches Airlock – the World’s First API for Higher Education Accreditation

​​November 18, 2022

San Francisco, November 16th, 2022. Woolf, a global collegiate university, today announced the launch of Airlock, the first API to provide academic accreditation to higher education organizations and bootcamps around the world with online programs.

Airlock allows organizations to connect to Woolf by API to have their learning content benchmarked for accreditation value and matched to an accreditation license. Airlock  (US patent pending) combines an API with novel technologies for measuring student learning to create a complete picture of each student’s learning experience. Woolf’s core accreditation engine matches these experiences with regulated accreditation requirements to determine whether students can be issued with credits.

Woolf’s core software platform, the Accreditation Management System (AMS), is designed to demonstrate the academic rigor required for accreditation. It encodes regulatory requirements defined by governments and accreditation bodies that work with Woolf, and it demonstrates when qualified programs meet those standards and whether students have earned their academic credits.

Woolf is the only global collegiate university that allows qualified organizations to join as member colleges and offer accredited degrees. Organizations that connect with Woolf become members of the Woolf collegiate system, which is modeled on collegiate systems like the University of London or the University of California.

“Our mission is to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure that it is globally recognized and transferable,” said CEO and founder Dr. Joshua Broggi. “Airlock is a significant advance in accreditation technology, making it possible for regulators to understand how students are actually learning across the web.”

Woolf is a European accredited higher education institution, and degrees from Woolf are issued with European ECTS credits that are recognized by more than 50 countries. Woolf has also been independently evaluated by ECE and FIS to be “equivalent of US regional academic accreditation,” and Woolf degrees have been evaluated to be equivalent to those from “a regionally accredited institution.”

Woolf has member colleges on five continents teaching undergraduate and postgraduate programs ranging from linguistics to philosophy to data science. Although a single learning management system (LMS) might be general enough to service all of them, students increasingly benefit from specialized learning environments that are designed to meet the needs of a specific degree or subject area.

Scaler Neovarsity, a constituent college of Woolf uses Airlock to manage accreditation for graduate degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

“Airlock allows our students to use the Scaler learning environment, which has been custom-built to support advanced students in computer science. At the same time, it produces a record of all student learning for regulators, demonstrating our high standards and commitment to quality” – Scaler co-founder Abhimanyu Saxena.

Airlock makes it possible for learning content across diverse platforms to be simultaneously captured within the regulated AMS environment of Woolf’s higher education institution, where it forms part of an accredited learning pathway. Students earn stackable credits which can be converted to government-recognized degrees.

Airlock introduces novel techniques and security controls to allow organizations to have their learning content connected to Woolf’s AMS and made accessible to regulators for inspection. Airlock captures learning experiences on any platform and ensures they meet and maintain university and regulatory standards. Woolf’s latest innovation allows students to have a contextualized learning experience within their organization’s digital environment, while also ensuring that their experience meets the requirements for accreditation.

About Woolf

Woolf is building the first global collegiate university that allows qualified education organizations to join as member colleges and offer accredited degrees. Its mission is to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure that it is globally recognized and transferable. All of Woolf’s member colleges connect with Woolf’s software platform, which makes it easy to track compliance with accreditation standards and report relevant information to regulators. Member colleges get full accreditation and all benefits of being a part of a major university while remaining independent. For more information about Airlock and how to become a Woolf member college, visit woolf.university.