Woolf University Inaugurates Academic Advisory Council of Top Leaders in Higher Education to Guide Strategy

May 24, 2023

Distinguished leaders at the forefront
of innovation in higher education will join Woolf to provide academic, regulatory, and technology guidance to the global collegiate university
as it expands

SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2023 — Woolf, the first global collegiate university, announced today the formation of its Woolf Academic Advisory Council (WAAC), which comprises eight industry leaders in EdTech and higher education policy from around the world. The new Advisory Council will inform Woolf’s regulatory roadmap and provide leading expertise as Woolf expands its global presence and promotes its mission to increase access to world-class higher education.

WAAC consists of visionary academic leaders who understand the importance of innovation in the higher education space and are committed to advancing its future. WAAC will play a strategic role in ensuring Woolf’s academic accreditation is recognized and advanced in India, the United States, and Latin America, as well as cementing Woolf’s activities as an accredited Higher Education Institution in Europe.

Woolf’s aims are truly ambitious and global, so we’re lucky to have such distinguished leaders guiding the Institution. Each of these members has advanced higher education in groundbreaking ways around the world,” says Joshua Broggi, Woolf University’s Head of Institution.

WAAC will meet regularly to provide strategic guidance and perspective on emerging trends in jurisdictions that they represent, deepening the university’s role as a trusted enabler of growth and innovation in higher education around the world.

WAAC will also be the first to review the next generation of Woolf Inc.’s technology products, built in service to the Higher Education Institution and slated to be unveiled later this year. WAAC provides critical feedback, ensuring these technologies align with the needs of regulators, students, and faculty.

Inaugural members of WAAC named today: