Woolf exists to increase access to world-class higher education and ensure that it is globally recognized and transferable. We promote academic excellence and guard values that are humane, democratic and international.





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Woolf University

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Woolf University


Woolf Accreditations, Licensures, and Approvals

Woolf is an accredited higher education institution in Europe dedicated to academic excellence. Faculty members drawn from the world’s leading universities. Woolf offerings are currently recognized in both Europe and the United States. Woolf University is also undergoing other approval or accreditation processes in other jurisdictions associated with the specific legal entities above.

Woolf is a collegiate higher education institution, modelled on the universities of London and Oxford. All Woolf colleges adhere to the same Quality Assurance Policy; all Woolf colleges meet the same standards of excellence; all Woolf colleges use Woolf’s Accreditation Management System as the sole source of truth about the compliance and status of their programmes. All Faculty members in all colleges are equally members of the Woolf Faculty Council.

Specific degree programs are accredited via the legal entities designated below, but all programs offered through Woolf meet the same rigorous standards of quality assurance managed through Woolf’s software platform, the Accreditation Management System (AMS).

Woolf University is a registered and trademarked entity with the following:

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office United States (USPTO);
  • The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO);
  • Intellectual Property India (IPIndia).

Each higher education institution is a legally separate entity. Each one individually accredited at the institutional and/or program level in their relevant jurisdictions. All Woolf institutions share the Quality Assurance Policy.